Higher Tariffs Continue to Cause Harm to the Nation’s Heartland

Trump Signs Tariffs

February 12, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) Despite a booming economy, existing tariffs and the threat of more, continue to cause harm throughout the nation’s heartland. New data reveals the potential impact on agriculture. RFD-TV’s Sarah Mock breaks down the numbers from Washington. Hundreds of farmers and small business owners flooded Capitol Hill in recent days, delivering a single message. Delaware farmer Richard Wilkins, who says in his conversations with lawmakers, he continues to hear calls for farmers to “be patriots” and accept some pain for the good of the country. He says he can do that, but young farmers in his community, who lack the equity he’s built over his lifetime, may not have the resources to weather this storm. Since the Tariffs Hurt The Heartland Campaign was launched in September of 2018, they’ve hosted 15 events across the country to showcase stories of those who’ve been hurt by tariffs. The group represents 150 organizations, including farms, small businesses, and consumer groups.