Hoping for a Canadian loophole in Biden’s “Buy America” initiative

Canada says that it is banking on a friendly history with America as the Biden administration works to crack down on foreign competition.

Biden’s “Buy America” makes sure the government purchases America made products. Canada was able to negotiate around some “Buy American” loopholes a decade ago, but that was before USMCA went into effect.

Canadian leaders are optimistic they can strike another deal with Biden.

According to Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, “When it comes to ‘Buy America’ and protectionism from the U.S., this is not a new thing for any Canadian government. I think it’s really important when people look at ‘Buy America’ to understand that the trading relationship between Canada and the United States is special. The United States sells more to Canada than it does to China, Japan, and the UK combined, and what we are really going to focus on with the Biden administration is emphasizing that inter-connection.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to work with the White House on an exemption from ‘Buy America,’ along with finding a way to revive the Keystone Pipeline project.


Canada’s Prime Minister, Federation of Ag welcome a Biden administration

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