House approves fiscal 2023 spending increases for USDA and other agencies

The U.S. Capitol Building

House Democrats passed a number of fiscal 2023 appropriation bills on a strict 220-207 vote. It includes new funding for rural broadband, conservation technical assistance, and spending increases for the Interior Department and EPA.

The package includes bills to fund the FDA, USDA, Interior, Transportation, and the Army Corps of Engineers, according to AgriPulse.

Georgia Democrat Sanford Bishop, who chairs the House Ag Appropriations Subcommittee says, “This bill enhances the quality of life for everyone in urban, suburban, and rural America.”

Republicans argue the increases were excessive and that levels will likely be cut when there are negotiations with the Senate. Top Republican on the full committee, Kay Granger says, “The social spending pushed by members on the other side of the aisle is a key driver of today’s inflation.” She says, “Simply put, record-high spending by the government means record-high prices for the American people.”

USDA and FDA would see increases by more than 8 percent, the EPA would get a 21 percent increase and the Interior would receive roughly 14 percent.

The White House requested a $154 million increase for USDA conservation technical assistance for fiscal 2023.


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Story via Philip Brasher with AgriPulse