House Democrats roll out a scaled-down HEROES Act

There are now more than 1 million COVID-19 deaths recorded worldwide and more than 7 million cases now logged in the United States.

Those numbers were released as House Democrats rolled out a compromise bill to send more aid to people. It is a $2 trillion dollar, scaled-down version of the HEROES Act they passed this summer.

Here is the breakdown of where some of the money would go:

  • The bill includes another $12 hundred dollar stimulus payments to each taxpayers, plus $500 dollars for dependents.
  • $3 billion dollars for rural electric cooperatives and the Rural Housing Service.
  • $350 million dollars would go to the USDA’s Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Program.
  • More than $12 billion dollars would go to various nutrition programs, like SNAP and TEFAP.

A vote could come in the House this week, but it faces blowback in the Republican-controlled Senate.

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