House lawmakers are pushing back against a new WOTUS rule, but why?

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The U.S. House has passed a resolution disapproving of the Biden Administration’s new WOTUS rule.

Missouri Congressman Sam Graves filed the resolution earlier this week. He told Brownfield Ag News that Congress needs to act now because the Administration cannot agree on a rule that provides clarity. The resolution was filed under the Congressional Review Act which will require a two-thirds majority in both chambers, but the President is certain to veto it.

House Ag member, Tracey Mann of Kansas says the new rule gives the federal government more jurisdiction than it should.

“They spoke on the floor of the House for this resolution, the House joint resolution that will strike down President Biden’s WOTUS regulations. People understand what this is. This is part of the Clean Water Act. Everybody’s for clean water, but these regulations are trying to push down, will regulate farm ponds. Drainage ditches give the federal government jurisdiction over things far beyond what they should and will just interfere more and more with our app producers, small business owners and the great people are trying to feed, fuel and clothe the country. It’s incredible. Glad it passed to go to the Senate. Hopefully it passes there and forces the administration to take a stance and we’ll see what happens.”