House passes debt ceiling bill at night and now heads to the Senate

It could once again be full speed ahead for work on this year’s Farm Bill after House lawmakers voted to pass the Debt Ceiling Bill.

It was a late night on Capitol Hill but lawmakers on both sides came together to get the Fiscal Responsibility Act passed just days before the Treasury Department warned the U.S. could fall into default.

The Bill now heads to the Senate where it is expected to pass. It increases the maximum age for SNAP work requirements from 49 to 54 but also adds exemptions for veterans, the homeless, and people under 24 who have left the foster care system. Ag lawmakers say that is now one less thing to tackle in Farm Bill talks, but Representative GT Thompson did not rule out revisiting those exemptions later on.

Part of his statement from after the vote says, “The Fiscal Responsibility Act is a sensible proposal to begin to regain control of the American economy by simplifying and streamlining onerous permitting processes, limiting costly and excessive regulatory actions, and expanding access to employment and training for those in need. It’s about time Washington took steps to get our country’s fiscal House in order.”