How slow is your internet? Use this app to find out.


The FCC wants to get an accurate picture of broadband shortages throughout rural America, and you can help out!

The commission developed an app to test the internet speed in your home and community. The app can check your home WiFi speeds to make sure you’re getting the speed you pay for. Plus, it can check your cell data speeds as well. The Broadband data task force chair, Jean Kiddo, explains what will happen next.

“The FCC takes the data on an anonymous basis and puts it into a report that we do periodically about broadband service and what’s available and where it’s available. But more importantly, we are engaged in a longer-term project right now. A very important one that is going to be building a brand-new and improved data collection, where we are going to be collecting the mobile broadband and the fixed broadband service information from all providers across the country and putting it onto maps and allowing users and state and local governments to review that information and to challenge it, " says Kiddo.

To download the app go to your phone’s app store and search “FCC speed test.”