Huge Swarms of Spiders Invade Australian Homes

A brood of spiders.

As Australia’s east coast experiences the worst flooding it has seen in at least 50 years, the rising waters are causing a secondary inundation of a kind perhaps even more terrifying to many. We’re talking about the 8-legged kind!

Homeowners in Queensland and New South Wales are reporting “horrific” swarms of millions arachnids covering the ground, climbing up poles and fencing, and, yes, crawling up the walls of their homes.

Experts advise that the spiders shouldn’t inflict any actual harm on humans or property, are only trying to do everything they can to survive themselves, and will disperse once more as soon as the conditions return to normal – all reassurances that probably aren’t too reassuring for any of those effected who have the least degree of aversion to creepy, crawly critters.

Source: The Guardian