Hundreds of minks have been let loose in Pennsylvania due to farm vandal

minks on loose 1280.jpg

Photo via Erin Bourinski’s Facebook Page

Over the weekend, an unknown individual or individuals made their way onto a mink farm in Pennsylvania and cut holes in the fence letting loose hundreds of the furry creatures.

Richard H. Stahl Sons Inc. is located just outside of Sunbury.
Many, unfortunately, have been hit by cars following their escape.

According to a veterinarian and partner with the operation, Dr. Beverly Shaw, “You should not approach if you see one. Especially when cornered, they can be aggressive. They are carnivorous. So getting bitten is a possibility. Nobody should approach them.”

Pet owners should also be on the alert as well.

This is not the first time minks have been let loose. Last year, an animal activist group let loose 40,000 minks from a farm in Ohio.

Story via NorthCentral PA