Hurricane Ida makes landfall 16 years to the day since Katrina hit New Orleans

We are getting a glimpse this morning at the damage done so far by Hurricane Ida. It has been sixteen years to the day since Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans and this storm will be a test for the new levees and pump systems.

The heavy rain and flooding are a major concern for crops and livestock. Louisiana’s cotton crop is notably at risk, with nearly 40 percent of the bolls opening.

The system is also working its way through the Tennessee valley, where residents are still recovering from last week’s flood.

The storm surge has made the Mississippi River flow in reverse and there is reports of several barges coming loose along the river.

The U.S. Coast Guard has closed vessel movement from the gulf all the way up past Baton Rouge. The Soy Transportation Coalition says that any lengthy disruption will negatively impact exports.