Idaho Farm Bureau: Programs like EQIP are essential for improving sustainability

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program is another hot topic for the upcoming Farm Bill.
A member of the Idaho Farm Bureau explains why these programs are essential for improving sustainability.

“I was able to actually do an EQIP project four years ago, but the really neat thing was my grandpa did an EQIP project on the same tract of land in 1957. And so, it’s never-ending that we can be more sustainable and focus on those things that truly help protect us as farmers and ranchers but also help protect the land. But, an EQIP program is an incentive-based program that if you look at how to be a more sustainable farmer, there’s some incentives to help you implement those practices on your farm,” Jason Fellows explains.

He says that Congress needs to pass a Farm Bill this year and not just promote environmental sustainability but also economic sustainability.