Idaho is Losing Tens of Thousands of Acres In Farmland

One part of Idaho loses 100 thousand acres of farmland in just five years.

“You look to the north of us the farmland is almost non-existent there anymore... You see new subdivisions and the new roads going in, houses popping up. It’s brought struggles to us as we’re farming,” according to Neil Durrant of Big D Ranch.

Durrant goes on to say, “A lot of the land that we do rent now is owned by developers. We’re just farming it until the decide to put the road in the ground. It’s really severe; everywhere you look around our main facility there are houses all around the entire mile.” The problem is statewide, and as hard as it is to farm around new subdivisions, the biggest concern is losing farmland forever.

Tens of thousands of acres are lost every year, and the real solutions are already too late.