Identifying cattle value through IGS’s Feeder Profit Calculator

As video auctions ramp up this summer, producers, marketers, and potential buyers have a unique and shared opportunity to capture value of calves come sale time.

It is good to know where your cattle stands. For producers looking to offset expenses and capitalize on genetic value, as well as buyers hoping to minimize risk, the International Genetic Solutions Feeder Profit calculator is a natural fit.

“The Feeder Profit Calculator that IGS provides is an opportunity of what they’re bringing in genetics, the handling of the cattle, and also the vaccination of the cattle,” Stanton notes. “Boiling it down to a value that a buyer, feedyards, or backgrounders can utilize to distinguish between two groups of cattle.”

It’s a simple process, one that takes into account a herd’s bull battery and basic information from the maternal side to predict terminal merit. From there, representatives from IGS assist producers by providing a certificate they can share with interested customers.

“When producers get these certificates back, it really then allows them to take them to their marketer, their potential buyers and give them a good overview in a clean, concise format of what their genetics are...,” Abell states. “It gives that buyer and that marketer a good value base compared to an average to see where those cattle are standing.”

Cattlemen use the service in a variety of ways, some to compare their own calf crops year-to-year, and others for a benchmark comparison against the industry average.

It simplifies things such as breeding decisions based on Estimated Progeny Differences that a buyer may otherwise overlook and, as a result, undervalue. It was an easy choice for IMI Global to align with the service.

According to Stanton, “We felt like that’s a component that we needed to add to bundle with our additional services when a buyer buys a group of cattle, of how they’re going to perform in addition to the marketing claims that we’re verifying.”

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