IGS Providing Tools to Help Ranchers With Cattle Genetics

Leading beef industry professionals and organizations are changing the status quo and providing tools to better help ranchers.

International Genetic Solutions, a group of more than 17 cattle association and companies, is working across the breed spectrum to provide resources and technologies that ensure cattleman and women are set up for success.

According to Chip Kemp with IGS, “We’ve put together just this massive collaborative effort with approaching 20 million head of cattle to provide the most scientifically credible, the most cost effective, the quickest, multi-breed, directly-comparable genetic evaluation on the planet.”

“Beef breeds, historically, haven’t always worked together so well, or so much, but IGS broke the mold on that,” states the CEO of Red Angus Association of America, Tom Brink, “being able to combine these data sets, more analytical power, better EPD prediction to use for all breeds involved, IGS really facilitates that in an unprecedented way.”

The collective effort is intended to help individuals make more informed decisions, from seedstock to commercial producers. Tools like the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator puts increased profit potential in the hands of cattlemen and women as they assign and asses the value of their stock.

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