Impossible Burger sees amount of new customers double in each of the last 6 months

Impossible Burger

Impossible Burger has seen rapid growth recently with a new survey revealing it has doubled its number of first-time customers in each of the last six months.

In the last six months, sales of Impossible Burgers have shot up as it became available in more and more stores. Before the coronavirus pandemic started, the product was available in around 150 stores. Now, it is available in 11,000.

The survey also revealed that 72 percent of Impossible Burger purchases at grocery stores were directly displacing animal-derived protein. Additionally, Impossible Foods gets consumers to spend 21 percent more than they would on traditional meat products.

“Three out of four Americans now live within 10 miles of a grocery store where they can buy Impossible Burger. And when people cook it at home, they start telling friends and family about it,” Impossible Foods Senior Vice President for Sales Dan Greene said. “Our retail surge has become a powerful flywheel for long-term growth.”

According to Matt Ball with the Good Food Institute, the public now has greater concern for food safety and how meat is produced, which has lead to the surge. Global consumer research also shows shoppers are more mindful at the store so demand is up for products that are local and sustainable.

As sales and popularity of plant-based meat alternatives grow, the survey also revealed that nine out of 10 people who purchase Impossible Burgers still regularly eat animal protein.