Improving ag communities with the Rural Fellows Program

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is working to improve ag communities with the expansion of its Rural Fellows Program. For 2021, the initiative will place 200 students in as many as 100 communities.

Mark Balschweird, the head of UNL’s Department of Ag Leadership, Education, and Communication, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on why they are expanding and what extra support they will be providing this year.

According to Balschweird, “This is a program that has been extremely effective and important to many rural communities across the state. Student interns spend about 10 weeks... helping communities with projects that address important local issues. Often these relate to marketing and public relations, early childhood development, entrepreneurship, and business development... Communities that host interns, on average, see a $28,000 dollar economic impact as a direct result of the work that students do.”

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