Increasing development pushes farmers to keep ag alive in their community

One Virginian County may be located in the heart of suburban sprawl, but its ag industry thrives.

The Biscoe family works about 1,200 acres in Spotsylvania County. They started out as dairy farmers but now raise beef cattle and grain. Farming land in the county is shrinking. William Biscoe states, “I don’t think there is anyway that agriculture can get any bigger in Spotsylvania County... either you have people putting money in from some other business or its been passed down through generations in the family.”

In the southern part of the county, the Masseys are a multi-gernational farm family with land dating back to 1760. They have also been impacted by the increase in traffic and shrinking of land.

Most of the land development has occurred around Lake Anna.

Spotsylvania County farmers and producers are working to keep agriculture an important part of their community.