Information is power in in the dairy industry

Access to information and performance data is essential for farmers, especially for those operating within the diary industry’s tight margins.

Bill Genasci is the third-generation on his family’s California farm, Genasci Brothers Dairy. When he was a freshman in high school, they purchased their first register Holstein calves and after that they were hooked. Now,they milk almost 1,500 heads.

“We’ve been on that spot for 104 years now. Been in the dairy business our whole lives. I knew growing up that’s what I wanted to do,” he said.

Breeding for type, including good udders, feet and legs, has always been a goal for Genasci Brothers Dairy. Taking advantage of programs and services from Holstein Association USA has helped them make improvements along the way.

“We receive a yearly update on how we’ve progressed on the type side. DHA provides the milk side, and it allows us to breed better cows as we go along,” Genasci said. “Through the years, they have learned that information is power.

Genasci also says genetics are getting better and the ways to evaluate genetics have improved as well.

“Genomics is an unbelievable tool as we go forward. I think cows will continue to milk more, have better health traits.,” he said. “We can do all kinds of things, if we just follow the science.”