Infrastructure bill clears Senate hurdle, set to pass later tonight

The infrastructure bill is poised to pass the Senate late tonight. It cleared another hurdle last night with Senators voting to close debate.

The Congressional Budget Office has determined the bill will increase the deficit by more. than $250 billion dollars. The bill faces uncertainty in the House, which is currently on August recess.

Members will likely consider this and another large spending bill when they return in September.

Several key ag groups are voicing support for their package.

The Farm Credit Council says that the bill will improve rural America by creating jobs and making U.S. ag more competitive in global markets.

The Farm Bureau also went on record as supporting the infrastructure bill. President Zippy Duvall sent a letter to the Senate saying that the improvements are long overdue and will help transport ag and food items the world relies on.

The U.S. Trade Rep says that the bill is key to trade. Katherine Tai recently met with ag stakeholders in Washington state. She said, “In addition to the economic benefits, investment in American infrastructure is critical to our long-term security and maintaining our competitive edge in the global economy.”


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