Inputs are stabilizing, and it’s encouraging news for rural America

Rising input costs were a big topic last growing season, but as the Idaho Cattlemen’s Association explains, they have been watching those prices cool, especially diesel.

“It seemed to stabilize a little bit. You know, we’re not seeing that drastic decline or increase every month or every week. Our fuel prices have dropped a little bit and kind of stabilized. We’re not seeing a big fluctuation, which is good. Don’t get me wrong, I think we’d all like to see $2 diesel again. A drastic change in that direction wouldn’t hurt anybody’s feelings,” said Cameron Mulrony.

He adds while inputs are still high, they are not going to argue with a sense of stability.

“You know between 2021-2022, we saw a drastic increase in a lot of places of our operations or input costs, so stabilization at least allows us to form a budget and make a plan and hopefully they’ll stay kind of stable within the area that we’re at. If we see anything hopefully it’s a little decrease in those input costs in order to keep our operations whole.”

Right now, AAA shows diesel prices holding around $4.23 per gallon. One year ago, it was upwards of $5.