Iowa receives boost to rural hospital funding


Iowa is among the top three states that are receiving the highest levels of financial relief for rural healthcare.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced it will begin distributing payments to rural hospitals and providers with the most COVID-19 admissions. Overall, $10 billion dollars will be given to rural healthcare facilities.

HHS recently released a chart detailing the rural payment amount by state with Iowa, Texas and Minnesota to receive the biggest shares, with more than $380 million dollars is earmarked for Iowa’s rural health care providers.

“We had heard from HHS last Friday that 177 rural acute care general hospitals and critical access hospitals, clinics and so forth will be receiving this funding,” U.S. Senator from Iowa Joni Ernst said. “Making sure those hospitals are up and running is key, knowing that they have access to the equipment will be key,” according to the Senator, “so this is something we will continue to work on with the governor...I think we have all the ventilators that we need, but certainly making sure all of those necessary items are available.”

In response to current coronavirus cases and the potential for another wave in the fall, Iowa’s governor Kim Reynolds has also started the “Test Iowa Challenge.” This is to encourage Iowa residents to go online and complete a COVID-19 screening. You do not have to a resident of Iowa to complete it.

For more information and to check out the “Test Iowa Challenge,” click HERE.

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