Iowa State University releases new tool to track ag economy amid coronavirus pandemic


Iowa State University has created a new webpage to track the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, agriculture and business across local, regional and global economies.

The hub includes relevant publications and press releases as well as comprehensive graphs, tables, maps and other visual data to explain the impact. The impact on individual sectors like corn, soybeans, ethanol, pork and beef are explored as well. There are also tools that specifically look at Iowa’s estimated corn, soybean and ethanol losses.

The page was created by the school’s Center for Agricultural and Rural Development and its Department of Economics.

“Right now, you can track unemployment. You can see changes in Iowans’ mobility by county since the lockdown began and track changes in their movement patterns as the lockdown lifts. You can see economists answering questions from Iowans who have real concerns about their businesses, and more,” said CARD Director John Crespi, one of the leaders of creating the web hub.

Crespi said that the department plans on adding continued resources and weekly updates on the corn, soybean, ethanol, pork and beef markets that will automatically adjust as new data is available.

You can visit the hub page here.