It is officially Bat Week!

As Halloween approaches, it is the time to celebrate bats and their benefits, because it is bat week!

The U.S. Forest Service is posting on social media everyday with a meme like “Motivational Monday.”

Each post educates about bats and includes an activity that everyone can do, like using the wildlife acoustic bat detector.

USFS’s Kim Winter states, “Hook that up to your smartphone or your other smart device and what it does is, it shows a visual of bat echolocation patterns and makes it an auditory think, so you can her ‘click, click, click,’ and you can also identify pats in real time using these devices.”

Bat week recognizes the benefits bats have on ecosystems, but there are other programs that help educate people about their importance all year round, like Bracken Cave in San Antonio, which is home to the largest colony of bats in the world.