It’s time to put ag data to work with AI capabilities, researchers say

Research is a big part of agriculture, and it is crucial for moving the industry forward. As artificial intelligence continues to grow, researchers say they are putting all that data to work.

“So whether that’s having drones that can be able to fly over these different builds, take pictures, identify where you might have, like you say, crop damage, disease, pests, things like that. Or you might need to enrich the soil, better things of that nature. That’s kind of where we’re getting started and then automating the process of having these machines, perhaps do them on their own as well. That’s kind of more of, I think the long term goal that we would have,” said Austin O’Brien.

It is not just crops getting attention. O’Brien says they are using artificial intelligence for animal production as well. Some uses include digital sensors, remote heat detection, and using it to get ahead of diseases.