Jay Hardwick is an inductee to the Agricultural Hall of Distinction

The state of Louisiana likes to honor those who have made extraordinary contributions to the agri-business industry.

Jay Hardwick’s ag career is rather unique. His first career involved teaching art at the university level. He would later find himself on his wife’s family farm, where the allure of farming engulfed him.

He says that teaching in a classroom is very predictable; farming and dealing with Mother Nature is far from that and that was part of what drew him to this career. “I chose a career but it was by accident that it happened, and I woke up surrounded by it and absolutely loved it. I never thought of it as work.”

Because he did not come from a farming background he had a lot to learn and quickly. He was able to educate himself through the land grant system.

Hardwick also wanted to be engaged issues that affect farmers away from the field. He became active in organizations to be part of a process that influences how farms operate in compliance with laws and regulations.