JD Shelburne’s “Cars and Trucks” drives home the spirit of movement and reflection

Second Single off Current Album Neon Hallelujah

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NASHVILLE, TN - (June 14, 2024) - Country Trailblazer JD Shelburne has announced the release of the second single “Cars and Trucks,” from his current album Neon Hallelujah. Penned by Jeremy Bussey, Jayce Hein and Jason Duke, the lyrics relate to driving to work while thinking about the person in the car next to you and what they are going through. We have all heard the stories and the lyric in the bridge is so relatable -."We’re all living a million miles a minute, Yeah we’re all in our own little lane, Yeah we might all be a little bit different, But we’re all kinda still the same.”

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“Every person experiences this lyric daily when getting in their car or truck and driving to a destination. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this song; it’s real and paints a picture and that’s what makes a song. Every vehicle holds a person or family in that has a story and the second I heard this song I became glued to it and the melody but soon realized we have all lived this. I know people can relate to this and witness it daily. “We’re coming, we’re going we’re just pasting thru, we’re living in the windshield and in the rear view. We’re spinning our wheels, tryin’ not to get stuck in a long line of cars and trucks.” The video brought this lyric to life and made it real life and fans have loved it. The end of the second verse is spoken true.- “Yeah we’re running out of time, watching life go by in a long line of cars and trucks,” JD Shelburne shared.

“Every once in a while, you meet a new artist who moves you, and you are glad you met and glad you follow their career. He works harder than just about everybody else!” Joe Bonsall (Oak Ridge Boys) Grammy Award Winning Group, Country Music Hall of Fame.

Neon Hallelujah, is an album that takes me back to my Storms of Life – a collection of songs that were the stories of our lives. JD Shelburne pours out his passion for family, faith, farm life, and friendship in the grooves of this one! It takes you down the country backroads to the tobacco fields of Taylorsville, KY where a young talent honed. Not only a great singer, songwriter, and entertainer; but JD is kind, charismatic, and captivating in person. Love the man…enjoy his music!” Randy Travis, Country Music Icon, Grammy Award Winner, and Country Music Hall of Fame Member.

The official video was captured in Nashville and produced by Stormlight Pictures. Watch the video on the upcoming CMT rotation, Premiere on CountryLine TV and JD’s official artist YouTube Channel HERE.

“Cars and Trucks” was recorded, engineered, and produced at Saxman Studios in Mt Juliet, TN and Mixed by Mike Proctor Spring Hill, TN.

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