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Jen Welch

Ten years ago, Jen Welch started a homestead on a single acre in Buena Vista, Colorado. The original idea was to grow food for her growing family. That single acre soon got the name The Crowded Acre Farm and they expanded to a 15-acre family farm (raising pork, ducks, chickens and turkeys) with 100 additional leased acres for their beef cattle.

It’s not just the operation that has expanded in that ten years. Welch’s focus has also grown to include those in her community as well. This year, she entered the food truck business in a remodeled a 1984 Bluebird school bus. Known as The Bearded Lady, the idea is to provide fresh, high-quality farm-to-fork products that are locally produced.

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When Jen’s first child was born, she decided to make the leap from food service to the root of it all and started her farm, The Crowded Acre. Over the past 10 years the family has grown to include three kids and the farm has expanded to about 120 acres of land….so they aren’t all crowded into one acre anymore.

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