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Jennifer Campbell

The front porch: a typical icon of rural lifestyle. The view from a front porch to some may be looking in, but for FarmHer, Jennifer Campbell, the front porch is for looking out. Jennifer is from Franklin, Indiana. The Farm Wife Feeds,Jennifer’s blog, gives insight into the life of this FarmHer. When she isn’t blogging, Jennifer is busy working on Campbell Farm, where her family raises pigs, cows, and row crops.

Her love for agriculture led her to start her blog, which also led her to her group of friends. They all gather on Jennifer’s front porch with their families, where they talk, laugh, cry, eat and drink. They call it their Front Porch Fridays. They use these dates to try out recipes from their blogs. These gatherings are some of the golden moments that show that agriculture is a culture, which takes all kinds to thrive. On a swing on Jennifer’s front porch, that culture of agriculture can be seen. The culture of FarmHer’s: loving the land, caring for their community and feeding their people.