John Deere is committed to helping your operation succeed while being fully transparent

Technology of the farm is as common now as it is in the rest of our daily lives. For decades, John Deere has been on the cutting edge of implementing new technologies. Deanna Kovar, Vice President of Production and Precision Ag Products, explains why they are participating in the virtual format of the Consumer Electronics Show.

According to Kovar, “John Deere has been participating in the CES show for three years now, and it really comes down to the fact that everybody eats and there is a tremendous amount of technology going on in agriculture, and we think it is important to tell agriculture’s story about how amazing technologies... are making a huge impact on how all of that food is grown”

Sustainability has become a key term in society, and producers have been embracing ways to be sustainable, even before it was popular. Kovar talked about what that looks like from John Deere’s perspective, no matter what size of the operation.

“One thing we know is that every farm is different. From the land, the farmers farmings all the way through their equipment fleet, they are all different,” she states. “What we want agriculture to know is that no matter where folks are on their technology journey, there is likely another technology that can help them grow higher yields or lower their costs or lower their risks to make sure that their farm is sustainable into the future.”

John Deere also has gone to great lengths to not only help producers collect powerful data on their farm, but also protect that data.

“The farmer is in control of their data. They choose not only how John Deere can use the data, whether we can use the data to help keep their equipment running and provide them alerts if there is an issue. If we can use the data in aggregate form to help drive our next product programs... farmers can choose to share that in a way that John Deere can use it in an aggregate form, or a farmer could easily toggle one switch in the John Deere Operation Center and choose not to share that in an aggregate form. So, the farmer is always in control and we want to be 100 percent transparent with what is happening with their data... We want to be fully transparent with what is happening,” she adds.

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