‘John Wayne: An American Experience’ is coming to the Fort Worth Stockyards

A new John Wayne exhibit is under construction in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards and when it is complete, it will allow fans to step into the Duke’s storied life on screen and off.

He is the original icon of cowboy cinema, a man of principle, who over time became much larger than the sum of his western roles.

Sprawling over 10,000-square feet “John Wayne: An American Experience” will offer visitors an intimate look at the life of America’s cowboy.

“He grew up in Winterset, Iowa, moved to California,” Amy Shepherd, the VP of John Wayne Enterprise, said. His family wasn’t well to do. He worked hard and created John Wayne, and a new place in history that, I think, nobody can replicate.”

Each of the exhibit’s interactive rooms will highlight different aspects of the Duke’s legacy, including his time as a cattle farmer and his close relationships with great American leaders.

Along with highlights from his famous westerns, the exhibit will also feature never before seen images and iconic wardrobe items, curated over time by the Wayne family.

“I think you see how much John Wayne incorporated his family into his work and everything that he did,” Shepherd said. “He took them on set with him... His son was a producer, his other son was an actor; all his children were in the movies with him too.”

This December, the exhibit will open daily from 10 AM to 7 PM in Fort Worth, Texas.