John Wayne’s Granddaughter Brings Western Head Ware Fashion Back to Life

Whether it’s an accessory or a way to block the blazing sun, hats are an integral part of Western fashion. As Tammi Arender found out, the granddaughter of John Wayne is helping bring back the hat as a unique fashion statement.

At the American Paint Hat Company in Nashville, hats are not just something to cover your head. It’s a story waiting to be told.

“You come and get to custom create your own hat so you start from scratch face and then go crazy with what you want.”

Jennifer Wayne is one of the co-founders of American Paint Hat Company. Yes, Wayne as in John Wayne.

“I’ve got the western gene running through my blood. Stetson had made John Wayne hat they customized it for my grandfather and it would cool if everyone could customize itself. It’s a statement piece and bad hair day. Thought it was a really fun idea.”

So, working with Tyler Minor, who has designed clothes for Trisha Yearwood, Tanya Tucker and many more, this became more than a hat haberdashery. It’s for men and women who want to share a piece of themselves through head ware.

“We have everything from poker cards hot wheel thread spools the options are endless.”

You can even take a torch to your topper. That gives it the distressed look.

“You can come and pick out different bands burn it to distress it pick out a feather. You can go crazy.”

You know I could not resist, especially when you have someone like Tyler on hand to help with styling. I was thrilled with my hat, complete with the little John Wayne pin. Jennifer says she may not have gotten to know her famous grandfather, since she was born three years after he passed, but she loves him just the same.

“I get to see him in the movies and how he walks and talks so I kind of feel like I’m lucky in the way and he’s a legend and everybody’s hero including me.”

And why call it American Paint Hat Company?

“My husband loves paint horses. It was his idea just that western vibe so beautiful and creating your own hat and own experience. I hope they walk away with a smile and knowing they have a piece of their own American history and their story or on their hat.”

Jennifer Wayne is also part of the award-winning country trio, Runaway June.


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