Keep rural America in mind when forming new infrastructure plan

Now that the stimulus bill is passed, the focus in Washington turns to infrastructure and that legislation could be a big deal for rural America.

Crumbling bridges, roads, and buildings are in need of repair. For many, internet access is slow or non-existent. A group of ag stakeholders is urging the Biden administration to remember rural America when designing their infrastructure plan.

They say that the deterioration of rural infrastructures put jobs in jeopardy and threaten ag competitiveness and the health of rural families.

Of course, the big question is how to pay for it, after spending $2 trillion dollars on a COVID relief bill.

Congress is considering a truck mileage tax. According to Politico, the measure could have some level of bipartisan support and has the potential to raise a large amount of cash. The American Trucking Association calls it discriminatory against truckers.

If approved, this could make that trip hauling grain, milk, or livestock just a bit more expensive. International and capital gains tax plans have also been proposed, but it is unclear if they would fund infrastructure.


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