Kentucky man captures farm life through art

You do not have to be a farmer or rancher to support the agriculture industry.

Chris Abdon knows that firsthand. He grew up on a farm but left in 1995. He still works with animals, but now he just does it on paper.

Abdon’s art career has taken him from graphic designing for Walmart and marketing at Cabela’s. In 2016, after being laid off by Cabela’s he finally decided it was time to move back to Kentucky and do his own thing. He now owns Across the Creek Art & Design Studio in Greenup, Kentucky.

“This is where I grew up as a kid, and I ran over all these fields and hills. This where I ended up and this is kind of where I like to be,” he said. “It’s nice and quiet, solitude, I can open the door and see a wild turkey or a deer standing right outside the door......It kind of helps me get inspiration.”

For more information or to check out more of Chris’ artwork click HERE.