Kincade Fire Has Destroyed 76,000 Acres in Sonoma County California

A California wildfire burns near power lines.

November 1, 2019

The Kincade fire takes a toll on the California Ag community, with 76,000 acres burned in Sonoma county, including the loss of a 107-year-old ranch.

Producers look to recovery efforts, as the fire is recently reported to be about 68% contained.

Brytann Busick from the Sonoma County Farm Bureau joins Market Day Report by phone with the latest information on how the fire is impacting farmers and ranchers in the community.

Some ranches have lost everything from equipment and structures to winter hay storage, Busick reports. Relief funds have been set up by the Sonoma Farm Bureau. Visit the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Web site at or their Facebook page for more information on the relief funds and other ways to help those impacted by the wildfire.