Knowing the lineage of your Holsteins can improve the operation

In the dairy industry, the genetics of U.S. Registered Holsteins holds a valuable story for producers, but also for consumers, who are interested than ever before in where their food comes from.

Pennsylvania dairyman John Burket is a third-generation farmer who raises polled Holsteins. His family worked with Penn State University to trace their polled cattle lineage back 25 generations, all the way to Holland.

With each chapter of the genetic story, farmers are able to gain historical insight and performance data, which is essential for continuous herd improvement. It also serves as a captivating narrative for consumers.

“We can say we know more about our cows and their lineage and their story than we probably do our own family. It’s not only interesting, I think it fits quite into the way things are today where people want to know everything they can about their, where it comes from and the wholesomeness of it,” Burket said.

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