Koala causes five car pile up in Australia


Canberra, Australia (AP)-- A koala has been rescued after causing a five car pile up while trying to cross a six lane highway in Australia.

Police said that the crash during heavy Monday morning traffic in Adelaide caused some injuries but no one required an ambulance.

Nadia Tugwell rescued the animal with the help of a stranger. “The koala was absolutely not damaged in any way. It was very active, but very calm,” she stated.

She said that she had learned from past experience how to calm koalas by covering their eyes. She lives near an eucalyptus forest outside Adelaide and has twice called animal handlers to rescue koalas injured in fights with other koalas.

The koala was turned over to wildlife rescuers. While in route to meet them, the koala decided to join Tugwell in the passenger seat.

According to Tugwell, “It decided to come to the front toward me... It started sitting for a while on the steering wheel: (as if) saying, ‘let’s go for a drive.’” The leather interior was scratched up.

The koala was later released into the forest with no injuries, and well away from the highway.

Story via Rod McGuirk with AP