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Krystina Cook

Born and raised in a city environment, Krystina left urban life to start the ranch and a family. With little to no knowledge of the meat industry, this producer scrapped her way in and faced uphill battles not only as a newbie, but also as a woman. Grounded in the belief that food is medicine, Cook set out to raise a few ultra-clean animals for her family to eat. Today, she has a herd of 500 swine and a solid business of restaurants and consumers who look to Cook Pigs for their pork.

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Buying land, buying pigs and building up the herd of varied types of pasture raised pigs was what she focused on as she and her husband continued to grow their family. Over the course of the coming years Cook Pigs Ranch grew to be a large operation. Krystina learned the ropes of raising pigs on a ranch and even more difficult, pushed and prodded her way into the meat industry.