Landmine detecting rat retires after five years of service


Magawa, a rat, received a gold medal for his work as a landmine detector. Over his five-year career, he detected over 70 land mines and many more explosives in Cambodia.

Magawa is a seven-year-old African giant pouched rat. According to his handler, he is slowing down in his old age.

He was a part of the HeroRATS, a program by the charity Apopo, based in Tanzania.

However, his job is not done just yet. He will hand around as a mentor for future bomb detectors.

“He is small but he has helped save many lives allowing us to return much-needed safe land back to our people as quickly and cost-effectively as possible,” he handler stated, according to BBC.

His accomplishments include a PDSA Gold Medal, the first rat to receive it in the charity’s history.

Story via BBC