Largest free-flying American flag ripped in half by storm


Wind gusts of up to 90 MPH left damage in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin Tuesday night, including to the nation’s largest free-flying American flag.

Many of the commenters on a Facebook post about the flag noted that the rip came at an emotionally charged time in our country.

“We’re falling all right...” one commenter said.

“Kind of looks like the the US right now, divided, another said.

According to the Sheboygan Press, the flag was replaced early Wednesday morning. Acuity Insurance, where the flag flies, keeps multiple flags on hand and only flies them for 120-130 days each. This flag had been flying for 120 days. The company typically takes the flag down during storms, but last night’s wind was unexpected and unprecedented.

All pieces of the damaged flag have been recovered.