Last Chance ERA Qualifier


Competitor must rope the calf, dismount, throw the calf by hand, and cross and tie three legs. The horse and contestant must start behind a mechanical/electronic barrier giving the calf a fair head start. Once the roper has made contact with the calf and the rope is tied, the calf must remain in control of the roper and cannot be chased down. A no time will be issued if the calf gains his freedom at any point during the contest. Throwing the calf by hand consists of the calf standing upright on at least three legs or the calf can be helped up.

A tie is considered legal when at least three legs are crossed, there is a wrap around no less than three legs and a Half Hitch or Hooey. If the tie comes loose or three legs do not remain crossed before the judge rules a complete run, a no time will be awarded.

Once the contestant calls for time by throwing his hands in the air, he may no longer assist the run by touching his pigging string nor his rope. He may not work his horse by waving his arms or making noises with his mouth. All will result in a disqualification.

Last Chance ERA Qualifier Nov. 10, 2016 in Ft. Worth, TX
1Cimarron Boardman25.23
2Hunter Herrin25.41
3Clint Cooper27.59
4Clint Carpenter29.29
5Jim Bob Fritz29.30
6Seth Cooke29.80
7Sterling Smith29.88
8Tucker Jacob29.95
9Trevor Thiel30.20
10Sam Nave30.21