Lawmakers: Too many people don’t understand where their food comes from

No industry is without ups and downs, and agriculture is no exception. However, many bills passing through Washington’s state House failed during their legislative session.

U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse says as a farmer himself, the industry is like none other.

“The thing about agriculture that’s different than aerospace or other things that are also important to our economy, agriculture touches every single community, every county in the state of Washington. And every citizen in the state of Washington is a part of the agricultural industry whether they realize it or not, hopefully at least three times a day.When you sit down to your dinner table, you are a major part of the agricultural industry. Farmers provide the food, the fuel, and the fiber for our nation and for a substantial number of the world’s population.”

Newhouse says when it comes down to it, too many people just do not understand what agriculture entails. He says it is important for those living the life tell its story.

“You’ve heard the saying many times lately that agriculture, food production, and food security are all matters of national security. And I think that that truly exemplifies the importance of having a strong, vibrant agricultural industry. And so, I think it’s just a matter of we, as people in the industry, have to make sure we tell our stories. We’ve gotta let people understand, make sure that we educate people as to the importance of it.”

Newhouse adds that no one should take America’s food supply for granted and especially those who work to produce it.

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