Let’s visit the 2023 Women in Agribusiness Summit in Nashville, Tennessee!

For over a decade, the Women in Agribusiness Summit has championed some of the best women in ag, while also staying ahead of industry trends and moving with the innovation of agriculture. Tammi Arender caught up with one of the student scholars, who is originally from Nigeria.

The Agribusiness Summit is also featuring speakers from some major players in crop science. The CEO and Founder of Enko is on the agenda. Jacqueline Heard has a PhD in Biology and a Masters from MIT. We caught up with her about what it means to help farmers be more profitable and feed a growing world.

The Summit is tackling real-world challenges facing agriculture. Seed production and innovation is one of the topics on the agenda. We caught up with Annie Saltarikos, the Head of Seed Production Innovation at Bayer Crop Science to find out what she wants to share with the 1,200 attendees.

The speakers at the Summit range from high-profile CEO’s to female producers from across the country. One of those producers is Amelia Kent from Clinton, Louisiana. She runs a beef cattle operation, and she hopes to inspire the younger generation of women to have the courage to start their own farm or ranch.

The American Trade Association is one of the oldest trade organizations in the United States. It advocates for science and policy issues of industry-wide importance. Janae Brady with ASTA is one of the guest speakers at the Summit.

Lastly, the Summit brings together women who have lead roles in the agriculture sector as well as female producers. We caught up with a row crop farmer from Michigan who is part of the female producer panel, Laurie Isley.

Over a thousand women have come from all over the world to learn about ways to improve and take agriculture to the next level. One of the speakers was Jessica Stephan with Bunge. She talks about how the logistics in moving ag products has changed so much in the last decade.

Topics range from navigating agriculture to Gen Z to how on-farm revenue can connect conservation practices. One of those speakers is the marketing manager Fidela Irigoyen from Wells Fargo.

Women in Agribusiness summit is where groundbreaking ideas and unparalleled networking opportunities happen. We caught up with the Senior Global Marketing Manager for Mosaic, Amber Harrison to discuss what this event means to her.

The WIA Summit will be held in Denver next year. For more information, click HERE.