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Lexi Marek

Lexi Marek is a future FarmHer, who grew up on a sixth generation family farm in Riverside, Iowa. She grew up helping around the farm where they raise crops, cattle and pigs. But Lexi Marek’s passion is her pigs. She started showing pigs at livestock shows early on at the young age of five.

Lexi is the oldest of four girls in her family. As the Marek family grew, Lexi spent more time traveling the country with her dad, going to pig shows. But at home, the pig barn has become a haven for this group of young women, While doing their daily chores, it was their refuge from the rest of the world that can be a tough one to navigate as teenage girls. Whether cranking the music up loud, working together, playing with kittens or even dancing, the Marek girls have formed some pretty strong bonds over their love of agriculture.

Season 1, Episode 14

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Find Out More About Lexi Marek

Head to the Iowa State Fair to see Lexi Marek working alongside her sisters, mom and dad as she shows her calico pig, Phillip. At 21, she has aged out of FFA and the ability to show livestock through the organization. How will she do in her final appearance?