Like the U.S., Ontario’s planting is slower than normal

Like most of the U.S., spring planting is going slower than normal.

The region is dealing with cold conditions as well as high input costs. Grain Farmers of Ontario’s Director says he normally would rush to get his crop in and try to be competitive, but he thinks when spring weather finally makes its appearance, crops will not have any issues coming up.

“It’s relatively dry, so it won’t take a lot of heat. In my local area, and I do feel it is a good chunk of Ontario, maybe not the deep Southwest, but for the most part, the land is in pretty good condition. It’s a little cold, so things are slow getting ready as far as heating up. But, no, I don’t think it’ll take a lot of sun to get us out there.”

Jeff Harrison says the wheat in his area is coming along nicely, but some parts of southwest and western Ontario are dealing with extremely dry conditions.


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