Longtime bus driver buried in custom school bus casket


Glen Davis grew up on his family farm in Grand Meadow, Minnesota and was the captain of the Grand Meadow football team in 1948.

Upon graduating, he became a school bus driver in the area. He held that job from 1949-2005 and went all 55 years without a single accident.

Davis died at age 88 on Saturday and was laid to rest in a specially designed school bus casket at Hindt Funeral Home in Grand Meadow.

According to the Post Bulletin, Davis had the idea of being buried in a school bus casket after seeing a picture of one in a magazine and it “never left his mind.”

Jim Hindt, the owner of Hidnt Funeral Home, designed the casket himself as a “gift of gratitude” for Davis and his family and Davis loved it, showing pictures of it to everybody close to him while he was still alive.

Glen was known as “Glennie” to the students and he drove multiple generations of some local families. He was active in the church, volunteered for Meals on Wheels and also was a supporter of Grand Meadow High School athletics.

In addition to his job as a school bus driver, Glen Davis was also a farmer. He and his three brothers worked on the family’s 1,100 acre farm.

The funeral is set for Friday.