Loretta Lynn says country music is dead


Loretta Lynn was not shy about discussing the state of country music during a recent podcast interview with Martina McBride.

Appearing on McBride’s “Vocal Point,” 87-year-old Lynn said the genre was “dead.”

“I think it’s dead, I think it’s a shame to let a type of music die,” she said. “Yeah, I’m getting mad about it, I am. Because it’s ridiculous, I’m not happy at all, I think they’re completely losing it.”

Lynn, who has a total of 24 No. 1 singles and 11 No. 1 albums, defended her critique on Facebook as well.

“Y’all know I say what I think when I think it! I love country music and I’m so proud of the rich heritage of our kind of music. Real country tells our stories, comes from our hearts, and gets us through life. My main point to Martina is that there’s such a hard push to crossover and change it up, and do something new that we can lose what country music really is all about,” she wrote. “I like it country--pure, simple, and real! I am so proud of all the artists out there, especially the younger ones, who know what I mean and are still keeping it country. When you love something you can’t just stand by quietly if you think it’s in danger. One thing’s for sure, if we keep it country, the fans will keep on listening, I know in my heart that it’s what they want!”