Louisiana Farmers Feed Local Population

May 24, 2017

Story provided by This Week In Louisiana Agriculture

Hard work and vision put a Louisiana farm on the path to success. Fullness Farms owners Grant and Allison Guidroz share their winning formula to feeding quality food to the Baton Rogue community. There are many specific practices associated with organic growing, including selling produce that is less than 24-hours-old. Fullness Farms is interested in giving a quality product to their consumers.

The busy environment and excited customers at the farmers market gives the Guidrozes a reason to come back each week. Fullness Farms has broadened the appeal of its products and expanded its customer base to include local restaurants.

The farmers market thrives on consistency. Customers appreciate knowing that the food could hardly get any fresher, since it comes from right down the street, and it’s not traveling across the country or from other countries.