Louisiana producers are beginning preparations for Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura is now a Category 3 storm and gaining strength as it looms along the Gulf Coast. Farmers are now bracing for impact in parts of Louisiana.

Avery Davidson with the Louisiana Farm Bureau gave an update on the status of rice crops, crawfish farmers, and cattle farmers ahead of the storm.

“As of Monday... we were about 85 percent done with our rice harvest... the bigger concern here going forward is what kind of damage could this storm do with the high winds being a Category 4 possibly... what kind of damage is that going to do to what we have stored,” he said. “Most of our rice farmers are also crawfish farmers. So, salt water intrusion would not be good for those crawfish and could really be a one-two punch on our crawfish farmers, who didn’t have a market this year because of the COVID pandemic.”

Texas farmers begin preparing for Hurricane Laura.

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