Maine couple celebrates bicentennial with hidden treasure


Bangor, Maine (AP)-- A pair of Mainers have hidden $20,000 dollars somewhere in the state and they are inviting treasure-seekers to come and get it.

The creator of the treasure hunt and the company behind the hunt, Dirigo Treasures LLC, are Kurt and Kelly Stokes of Newcastle, the Bangor Daily News reports.

The couple spent three years exploring and photographing locations around the state before creating an elaborate hide-and-seek game.

“We created the game to celebrate Maine’s 200 years of statehood,” Kurt Stokes said. “What better way to celebrate Maine than to get people out of the house, out of their town, and exploring parts of the state they never knew existed?”

Finding the Dirigo treasure will involve solving a secrete, a riddle, and a puzzle. Getting started means ponying up for a deck of cards or flashcards for $19.99 or $39.99, with a dollar from each sale going to the Maine Cancer Foundation.

The couple ensured that the quest for the hidden treasure is legal, ethical, and environmentally responsible. “We abided by the principles of leaving no trace,” Kurt said.

Story via AP