Major winter storm impacts Four Corners agriculture

A winter storm is stretching over the Four Corners region and continues to impact Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and even parts of Michigan.
Along its journey, the storm spread a strip of heavy snow throughout the eastern Rockies. Even parts of Nebraska saw 16 inches of snow.

Lorrie Boyer out of northeast Colorado gives us an update from her area on how ranchers were prepared for this winter storm.

“Nice drizzly snow, that froze everything up, made the roads nice and slippery. I am not exactly sure how many inches. Some weather forecasters are calling anywhere between 12 and 15 inches but then, unfortunately, the wind will pick up and that’s never fun. It makes for blizzardy conditions. There’s a few early calvers. I think that we had several days of preparation for this. So the people that I know were a handful of people that are calving right now and have already made the preparations,” she explains.

One of those preparations to keep in mind as the winter storm continues rolling through the Northern Plains is to ensure your cattle have access to water.